We send and receive money overseas with a focus on SEA. International Remittance is done through the LOVE application and Agent Network.


We provide an e-wallet ecosystem and implement interoperable fund transfers regionally. This function is done through the EVOL application.


We enable the transfer of funds between small and medium-sized enterprises domestically and regionally.


Inception targets the unbanked and underserved communities across South East Asia. The number of unbanked as of 2020 has reached up to 350 million, which is over 50% of total population in the region.

With this we also target primarily the Asia-Pacific market of international remittance. The total number of remittances (both inbound and outbound) in relation to the Asia-Pacific has reached approximately USD$299.6bn. This accounts for 43 percent of the total remittances done worldwide.


Inception aims to operate in over 10 countries by 2021. We currently operate in Thailand, Myanmar, Philippines and Indonesia.

Geert Warlop
Chief Executive Officer

Artem Razgovorov
Regional Director, Business Development

Tony Tay
Regional Director, Business Development

Tron Pimngern
Regional Director, Business Development

Bo Ariyaworakun
Head of Compliance

Aon Jundoung
Head of Products

Mek Sundaravej
Regional Marketing Manager

Safe Tubtimjaroon
Head of Tech

Aon Hiriotappa
Regional Tech Director